Drain Genius Green

Clean Pods Clear Drains Fast

Chemical-Free – 5 oz !

The Green Clean Drain PODS will service all drains in your residential property without having to use harsh and poisonous chemicals that can eat away at your drain pipes over time. Each package contains a set of nine PODS for kitchen, shower/tub, and bathroom sink drain services.

  • Drain Genius Green Clean Pods act like an instant drainpipe cleaner and deodorizer, which enables you to eliminate garbage disposal odors without inconveniently opening drainpipes.
  • This powerful foam formula scrubs away accumulated food waste residues in a powerful foaming action, and then works to remove obstructions clogging drains, making it a must-use instrument for regular maintenance of garbage disposals.
  • We offer safe pods for septic systems. Using the enzymes, food waste will be broken down faster than in septic tanks, reducing the amount of time the tanks have to be pumped.